Three smiling children looking out of a window in the spring time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you work my husband and I in with the kids' portraits?

Absolutely! While I specialize in children’s photography, I often photograph Moms and Dads interacting as a family. Since I takes a journalistic approach to my work, I prefers to capture families hanging out together rather than traditional posing.

What time of day is best to schedule our session?

If shooting indoors, light is best if scheduled before 3:00 PM. If shooting outdoors, the best light is the early morning or sunset. Overcast days allow us to shoot at anytime of the day. With this being said, it's still best to schedule the session around your child's happiest time of day. I will use shade if we need to accommodate.

What do I need to have available for our session.

I typically only use items found in your home to allow the photos to take a more personal feel. If you have props you would like to include feel free to have them handy. Also, if we are shooting outdoors I recommend bringing baby wipes and a brush if necessary.

Where should our session take place?

Your session can take place almost anywhere but I can always give suggestions. Often, clients will use their own home, back yard or nearby park.

Do you have any other tips that might be helpful to prepare for our session?

Why yes, I do! In fact, I have an entire blog post dedicated to this topic. You can read it here.