Children laying on top of mother in the green grass


session info.

Most lifestyle photography sessions last anywhere from 1-3 hours depending on the age of the child and number of family members being photographed. Once the session is completed, I choose the best images from your session and hand process each one. Within approximately two weeks, you will receive an online gallery with approximately 50 plus images and you can share your slideshow of images with friends and family. The album will remain online for seven days. Once your gallery is removed, it can be reloaded for a $20 fee.

I am usually booked for several months in advance. Please contact me soon if you are interested in booking. I leave room in my schedule for newborn sessions so please contact me before the birth of your baby to set up a tentative session.

Once your session is booked, we will discuss favorite locations, what to expect and helpful tips to ensure a great session!

what to wear.

One of the biggest challenges when preparing for a photo session can be finding just the right outfit. My suggestion is to try to stick with clothing that represents your child’s personality and the location of the shoot. Unless shooting in an urban setting, it’s best to avoid patterns that are too busy as they tend to distract from the subject’s face. For group shots, I recommend coordinating your style and sometimes color but certainly not matching (ie. white shirts and blue jeans) because who in real life matches! When in doubt contact me or I can help you on the day of the session.


I work on-location, often at my client's home or a nearby park or field. If you need suggestions on great locations, please let me know and I will send you a list.