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run everyone, run!


For starters, I want to announce the details on my Mentoring Workshop. It will take place on Thursday, May 31st at 5:00 pm on the north side on Indy. If rained out, we’ll reschedule for the following Sunday (June 3) at the same time. We will shoot two family mini-sessions until dusk and then wrap up with 45-60 Q&A discussion at another location (most likely Starbucks). I do have a couple spots available so if you are interested please contact me asap at

By the way, I am looking for a family to participate in the workshop while me and a few other photographers shoot your family. The family selected will receive the images from me on a disk at no charge!  So, if you are interested, please send me an email stating why I should choose your family. The most persuasive response wins :-)
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testing me


Wowzers! I don’t know exactly how to put into words how difficult this little guy has been over the past few days. I am emotionally drained from his whining, disobedience and defiance. He has challenged me at several stages in his life which most of the time I’ve come to find out that he was sick (especially ear infections). I was just about to take him to the doctor to check his ears but then came to the conclusion that he’s probably just TESTING me! He’s on the brink of turning three and we all know three if fierce compared to two. Plus, we’ve been potty training and I “think” he’s probably asserting some of his control and resistance in the situation. So, on Monday when he was wearing me out I decided to let him play in my bed which means jumping and hiding under the sheets. This time we played monster. A year ago we played dinosaur under the sheets. Capturing him on camera as cute as he shows me two things. 1. He is absolutely adorable despite his recent behavior, 2. The last haircut I have him was really bad…. totally uneven. I took care of that as soon as we were done! Read more ›

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Caleb’s Playmates | sheridan indiana family photographer


I’ve been photographing this family since child #1 was just a baby… and wow have they grown as a family! Julieann (the mom) is also my youngest child’s babysitter a couple days a week. Her triplets are just 3 days younger than Caleb. “Mr. Brad” is Caleb’s favorite guy in the world next to his own dad. If you know Brad, you know exactly why. We try to keep it real at their sessions because the chaos, the fun, the laughter… it’s all worth capturing! Read more ›

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A day in the Life Challenge | the Winner!


Thanks all who entered the the instagram A Day in the Life Challenge! It was very difficult to pick a winner! So, therefore I picked two!

First up is Crew Nixon whom I’ve had the pleasure to photograph at least two times. Here’s what his parents (whom both took photos) had to say about this particular day of his life.

Monkey in the Middle.

by: Josh & Sally Nixon
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an instagram challenge | a day in the life


I love taking photos everyday of my kids but rarely do I lug around my big DSLR everywhere I go because like most moms, I live a very busy life. I am thankful that technology has improved so much that we can rely on our cell phones to get a decent shot for the memory book. Do I print these photos and hang them on my walls as art… no way!  But do I still love the freedom to document their lives in the small moments that make great memories?…. YES!

So, here’s your chance to submit your OWN work at a chance to win a free photo session (value of $150)!!!!!!
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chalkboards and apple orchards | sheridan indiana photographer


I do love chalkboards…. but who doesn’t when you can write anything you want on them to make a statement?!  I definitely go through phases with locations. 2011 was definitely my year of the apple orchard. Now I’ve got to come up with a special spot for 2012!!

It was a real treat to have two sessions with this family within the same year. Even better that I got to see “N” for his 7 year old session in January! He’s pretty sweet and affectionate! Read more ›

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H.A.P.P.Y. | westfield indiana family photographer


Loved meeting this new client last fall. Everyone was very “happy” during the session. It really was a perfect afternoon…. everyone had FUN with one another making my super job quite easy. Wish I could locate their fabulous Christmas card because it was pretty sweet! Read more ›

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Mentoring Workshop | for photographers

I’ve been asked numerous times if I offer workshops and every winter I have high hopes to put something together and well plain it simple… it just doesn’t get done! But now, that’s all changed! I am going to offer a hands-on and informal workshop during a family photo session. This will allow the attending photographers the chance to shadow my technique of getting a mix of candid and semi-posed shots and how I look for light and use it to it’s advantage. In addition, I will be sharing my exposure settings during the shoot and the reasons behind the technical and creative choices I make. After the photo session, I will facilitate a Q&A wrap-up.

The only thing missing is WHEN???? I would like to conduct this workshop sometime in late spring or early summer. Before I pick a date, I need to know how many of you are possibly interested. I need a minimum of 5 photographers and maximum of 10. Please email at if you are!

See the announcement below for more info! Thanks! Read more ›

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meeting Rolan | west lafayette indiana family photographer


Three weeks after their family fall photo session, I was privileged to photograph this adorable family again because of the birth of baby #4….. Rolan!

Every family should own a chalkboard somewhere in the home. Not just because your kids can have draw on it or so that mom can write down her to-do list BUT so you can document the life of your newborn baby! :-)  That’s exactly what we did in the kitchen. It sure made for cool birth announcement if I do say so myself!

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a second set of twins | westfield indiana family photographer


I could hardly believe when this new JSP client contacted me with her SECOND set of twins. I was beyond thrilled to meet them and capture the chaos of life with TWO sets of twins. But when I arrived, it was quite the opposite of chaos. Things were so calm, cool and collective….. at least those couple of hours of our session. Mom and Dad were incredibly patient, caring and attentive parents which made it very apparent why they were given the blessing of twins one more time!

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