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H.A.P.P.Y. | westfield indiana family photographer


Loved meeting this new client last fall. Everyone was very “happy” during the session. It really was a perfect afternoon…. everyone had FUN with one another making my super job quite easy. Wish I could locate their fabulous Christmas card because it was pretty sweet! Read more ›

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Mentoring Workshop | for photographers

I’ve been asked numerous times if I offer workshops and every winter I have high hopes to put something together and well plain it simple… it just doesn’t get done! But now, that’s all changed! I am going to offer a hands-on and informal workshop during a family photo session. This will allow the attending photographers the chance to shadow my technique of getting a mix of candid and semi-posed shots and how I look for light and use it to it’s advantage. In addition, I will be sharing my exposure settings during the shoot and the reasons behind the technical and creative choices I make. After the photo session, I will facilitate a Q&A wrap-up.

The only thing missing is WHEN???? I would like to conduct this workshop sometime in late spring or early summer. Before I pick a date, I need to know how many of you are possibly interested. I need a minimum of 5 photographers and maximum of 10. Please email at if you are!

See the announcement below for more info! Thanks! Read more ›

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meeting Rolan | west lafayette indiana family photographer


Three weeks after their family fall photo session, I was privileged to photograph this adorable family again because of the birth of baby #4….. Rolan!

Every family should own a chalkboard somewhere in the home. Not just because your kids can have draw on it or so that mom can write down her to-do list BUT so you can document the life of your newborn baby! :-)  That’s exactly what we did in the kitchen. It sure made for cool birth announcement if I do say so myself!

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a second set of twins | westfield indiana family photographer


I could hardly believe when this new JSP client contacted me with her SECOND set of twins. I was beyond thrilled to meet them and capture the chaos of life with TWO sets of twins. But when I arrived, it was quite the opposite of chaos. Things were so calm, cool and collective….. at least those couple of hours of our session. Mom and Dad were incredibly patient, caring and attentive parents which made it very apparent why they were given the blessing of twins one more time!

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breathing space | carmel indiana family photographer


I am loving having a much slower season. Juggling a few sessions here is NOTHING compared to what the second half of each year is like. So, even though I may not have a full calendar of clients this first quarter the world just seems right. I can re-focus on my business goals along with my family goals. I am grateful that I can wake up each day and focus the majority of my time on my beautiful not-so-little family.  Also it’s a great time to go through the archives and show off some beautiful families. Read more ›

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Guest Blogger Ginny Felch: Why You Should Still Hire a Professional Portrait Photographer


It was almost exactly a year ago (on my birthday to be precise), when renown photographer and author Ginny Felch contacted me to request using some of my photographs in her revised edition of Photographing Children, A Photo-Worskshop by Wiley. I was in shock because in my opinion, I was just another person in this big fish pool of photographers that exist today. How did she find me and did she really think I had something to offer to her revision? To say the least, I was humbled and flattered all at the same time. I knew exactly who she was and what book she was referring to because her first book had come out only two years after I launched my photography business in 2006. Read more ›

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photo contest winners & a valentine’s special


What a fun contest that was…. especially watching nominees come down to the wire for first and second place. Thanks to everyone for participating. For starters, let’s announce the winners:

1st Place: Sara MacGregor

Such a special family indeed, I have no doubt that winning a free session even comes close to all they deserve in this life…. but hey it’s a start :-) Read more ›

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the storytelling session | westfield indiana family photographer


Now when I say “Storytelling Session”, I don’t necessarily mean this session tells a story. What I mean is that I was a storyteller. These twins (whom I’ve photographed for the last five years  and who are also published with their dog Otis in Photographing Children, a Photo-Workshop) lost attention fairly quickly into the session. So, I did what I sometimes have to do with my own 3rd grader…. tell a silly story. Once I started though, they refused to let me stop. They also wanted me to continue to speak in my fake British accent.  Needless to say my throat was sore by the end of the session :-) Yes, Dara I know I truly looked and acted ridiculous :-) Read more ›

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the jcrew family | westfield indiana family photographer


It’s been a joy to photograph this beautiful family for several years in a row. They are so kind and fun and very attractive to say the least. Two of their photos were published in “Photographing Children, A Photo-Workshop” by Ginny Felch.

Having not seen this barn before our session, Holly couldn’t have picked out better clothes for the session. They just pop against the gray background. We totally lucked out with cloudy skies giving us a dramatic overcast…. which I happen to love. Since this barn faces the south/west it can be too bright to shoot from the front at 5pm. Read more ›

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their Story | West Lafayette newborn photographer


I made a trip up to West Lafayette one late afternoon to meet the latest Nixon addition, Story!  Love her name! Although she couldn’t have been named any plain Jane. She has to live up to unusual names like her big bros Dash and Crew!

Grandma and Great Grandma joined in our session for some generational photos. What a fantastic idea! Definitely memories that will always be cherished!

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