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another summer senior photography session | Indianapolis Senior Photographer


This next senior photo session was with a lovely young lady who is the step-daughter of my former boss. It doesn’t seem quite possible that she could be in her senior year. I have no doubt she’ll soar in her future. The sky is the limit.

She has the full package….. great heart, great hair, and a great figure. Read more ›

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a summer with seniors | indianapolis senior photographer


I don’t market or shoot a ton of senior photography. But when the opportunity does come my way I find it so very refreshing. To have my client actually listen and do what I ask is like a breath of fresh air (versus my toddlers).

The young lady below was just a natural and I enjoyed every second with her! Thanks! Read more ›

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a farewell photo session | Noblesville, IN family photographer


These peeps are our old neighbors, the Meuniers. They lived just a couple doors down from us for about one solid year before moving back to their roots in southern Indiana. In the short amount of time I knew them, THREE things clearly mark their personalities and hobbies.

  1. Reading. Paula was seldom without her Nook, even while outside.
  2. Biking. Rick took the kids biking nearly every weekend on a nearby trail.
  3. Engineering. Both parents are engineers by trade. So it seemed only necessary to include some of their loves.

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more summer mini-sessions | Carmel Indiana family photographer


Once again, I’m going back to June. I met this first family last November for their newborn photo session, right after the babies were born. They inspire me so much!  Two sets of twins! Nuf said! They are amazing parents with such beautiful children. I actually had the chance to photograph them a week ago for their ONE year photo session so come back soon to see them! Read more ›

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bad bad blogger | Carmel Indiana family photographer


Hello again in blog world. I know I’ve said it before but THIS time I have my business partner (the hubs) to hold me accountable to blogging by doing the LEG work (hard work) for me. I am a good year behind in sessions and will never be able to play catch up completely but will for sure share some from the year.

Below is the Bezy family whom I’ve been privileged to photograph three times now. Once at their home, once at the apple orchard last fall, and again this summer. Their youngest has grown so much since June!

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Baby wave, part 2 | Indianapolis newborn photographer


More babies from 2012. Baby Tessa was born this winter and I’m sure she’s crawling by now. She belongs to such a sweet family and I feel blessed to capture memories of her and her big sister’s first year of life. Don’t forget to view the first post from my 2012 baby wave.

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Baby Wave, part 1 | Indianapolis newborn photographer


It’s a new school year for the kiddos so it means a new blog post for JSP. I have been busier than ever this summer between taking care of the home, kids and trying to run this business. In past years I would have pushed myself to stay up past midnight blogging each and every session but I’ve learned that it really doesn’t matter. It doesn’t bring me more clients. It doesn’t make me happier and most of the time people don’t leave a comment anyway stating that they liked what they saw/read or that they were here. So, this blog will always take the back burner when more important things are around….. like getting client galleries out in time, getting CDs in the mail and most importantly having time with my family!

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Fall Sessions | Indianapolis Family Photographer

Booking Fall Sessions with Jen Sherrick Photography - Lifestyle photographer in Indianapolis Indiana

It’s that time of year to start planning your fall photo session if you haven’t already. I can honestly say that some of my weekends are already booked due to the early birds! But rest assure there are other dates as well as weekdays mornings and afternoons (after school hours) available. I anticipate these dates to go fast as usual so please contact me as soon as possible.

I am once again humbled to be trusted to capture photos your family memories. I thank God everyday for this job because it’s only because of Him that I am who I am and doing what I love with amazing clients.
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Updated Websites

Jen Sherrick Photography - Lifestyle Photographer

Sorry to have neglected this poor blog. I believe I can attribute my business Facebook Page to keeping me away from this blog. I am able to share quick sneak peeks on my page without taking too much time to put together a blog post. Yes, believe it or not, blogging takes LOTS of time (especially compared to a FB post). I promise to share more soon though. Maybe once all 4 of the kiddos start school in a few short weeks I can show off some recent sessions.
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an oldie but a goody | Westfield Indiana Photographer

Lifestyle Photographer - Jen Sherrick Photography

I’ve been SO behind on my blog. I shouldn’t even try to go back and blog 2011 but there are some that I just can’t resist… and this is one of them.

I’ve been photographing this family for the past three years. Their son is one of my daughter’s best buds. All of the photos were taken in their back yard in their Westfield subdivision. This year they brought the Grandparents along which I thought was GENIUS! These photos will be treasured all the more because they are shared with another generation. I love that!

Oh and my client had a coffee table album printed which was a very good idea considering the amount of photos that were taken! Yikes…. in a good way. Read more ›

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