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These should make you smile…

they make me smile anyway. I did 3 sessions back to back. The good part was they were neighbors so I just walked on over house to house. Here are quite a few that I enjoy. Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving. I am ready to sit back, eat a lot and enjoy all the people I am thankful for. Hope you do too!

love this red barn!

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I’ve been busy!!

I am putting 3 sessions into this one post b/c I have so many!

Here is my friend’s baby boy. What a cutie!
I love this b/c you can see how small he is in proportion to this piece of furniture.

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Holiday Cards!!

Check out my website and you’ll see a new gallery called “Holiday Cards”. These are just some ideas of holiday templates in 5×7 format. Please contact me if you are wanting to use a photo from 2006 on your Christmas Card. November is flying by!

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The possiblities were endless.

I fell in love not only with these beautiful children but their home was amazing! I couldn’t contain my ideas and could probably take pictures their on a monthly basis and never repeat a scene. Here are a few from their session.
The birthday boy…

the artist…
this is my all time favorite photo for the time being. I betcha Hallmark would love to have this image on one of their cards huh!! I’d buy it!

They were waving goodbye and I love that the baby was most interested. He was thrilled to see me leave!

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piggy back session

This is my best friend and her family. She has the most well behaved 3.5 yr old boy who did pretty much whatever I asked. It was amazing and very unusual I must say.

and again one of my other favs. This one is all about kids having peek a boo fun! They are cousins!

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A different park… finally

I’ve been shooting sessions at Cool Creek Park all fall season but decided to venture out to the Flowing Well Park this time. I did 2 sessions back to back here and had so much fun doing it!

Her mom and I refused to let her give us “cheesy” fake smiles so we took these expressions happily! This young lady loves to be photographed. She’s actually hanging from the bottom of a bridge here so she’s completely backlit.

This is one of my favs from this session. I love actions shots and we saved this for last! It’s like they were screaming Hallelujah the session was over or maybe it was the caffeine rush from sips of Starbucks!!

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pretty boy!

I call this little guy “pretty boy” b/c he’s just too darn sweet in the face to be called “handsome”!

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Christmas Cards anyone?

If you had a session with me this year and would like to use one of your photos please let me know. I am offering a great deal for you. For $25 I will create the card (in5x7 template) and give you free rights for printing as many as you’d like, wherever you’d like. I’m working on creating some different template styles right now but here’s just one as an example. I will only be doing this for the month of November so contact me soon!

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another family session from last weekend | Indianapolis child photographer

We had a chilly day but the little man didn’t mind swinging on the tire for some pics. His little sister was suppose to be the star of the show but I think he was trying to steal her thunder!

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You could feel the love…

in the presence of this family. I loved the energy of the 2 yr old and have some fun pictures to prove it. Here are just a few from last weekends session. Enjoy! not sure how we got this to happen!

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