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All the way from Florida

This is the daughter of one of my really good friends. She was not feeling too well but we really wanted to take her pics anyway… so between the coughs I was able to snap a few. Here is just one of my favs. Hope you feel better soon “A”.

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baby #4

This little guy makes #4 for their family. He didn’t get newborn pics taken at the hospital so these should be good replacements.
love this backlit shot… and you know what’s making this big smile don’t you :-)

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All grown up!

This is family on my hubby’s side. It was sort of refreshing not to chase after 2 yr olds. No cardio… just relaxing. This was a tall family for me :-) It really challenged me to get different angels.

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dreams do come true!

When this session was scheduled it was intended to be a family session for the family of three. However, the family unexpectantly adopted a beautiful baby boy just a couple weeks prior to the session so it ended up be mostly about him… and about how much they love him. You can see just how precious he is. Just holding him about made me want to have another… but then I came home to my 3 chillins and that feeling ended abruptly. :-)Most of his images are of him sleeping but isn’t that what newborns do most??

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my eskimos

My little sweeties hat their puffy coats on a week ago and I just got around to proofing them. Connor wore his for the first time and everytime he fell down he was stuck. He could not get back up. It’s like he would tip over and then cry for help. It made for good laughs :-)

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my attempt at a christmas card!!

So, my vision of my 3 kids (dressed in matching PJs) jumping on my bed didn’t go over so well. Let’s just say a fist fight between my older kids and Connor’s screaming and near death falls were enough to call it quits. I am thankful that I tried, even under poor lighting circumstances. I am able to get such a laugh when I go though all 50 of the images I took that day. They totally crack me up and remind me to chill out and enjoy them even when they aren’t acting perfect. Yep, it’s easier said than done and in hindsight I can see that. Thought you might enjoy seeing a couple!

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here’s what I am thankful for

I thank God for my family and for these fun images from our St. Louis vacation.

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These should make you smile…

they make me smile anyway. I did 3 sessions back to back. The good part was they were neighbors so I just walked on over house to house. Here are quite a few that I enjoy. Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving. I am ready to sit back, eat a lot and enjoy all the people I am thankful for. Hope you do too!

love this red barn!

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I’ve been busy!!

I am putting 3 sessions into this one post b/c I have so many!

Here is my friend’s baby boy. What a cutie!
I love this b/c you can see how small he is in proportion to this piece of furniture.

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Holiday Cards!!

Check out my website and you’ll see a new gallery called “Holiday Cards”. These are just some ideas of holiday templates in 5×7 format. Please contact me if you are wanting to use a photo from 2006 on your Christmas Card. November is flying by!

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