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family portraits at traders point creamery | indianapolis indiana

Family Portraits in Zionsville Indiana by Jen Sherrick Photography

This was only the second time I had shot at Traders Point Creamery in Zionsville, Indiana. I loved the location and especially LOVED the laughter and good times I had with this family. Their daughter was near my daughter’s age so I could SO relate to their life. They did a fantastic accordion card but for the life of me I can’t find a copy of it to show here. Read more ›

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in between the rain | sheridan indiana family photographer

Bezy Family Portraits at Stuckey Farm with Jen Sherrick Photography

I did these next two sessions back to back one afternoon this fall. It was crazy Indiana weather. About half way through the first session it began to rain… pretty hard. We already rescheduled once and didn’t really have time to rebook. So, we paused for a moment and in between the rain we kept shooting. It sure made things FUN and interesting if I do say so myself. A beautiful rainbow appeared in between the sessions which made it extra special for the kids.

First up is the Bezy family (the sessions are out of order but oh well). As you can see from this first shot, we had to hide under the blanket under the rain held paused…. but some cute peek-a-boo shots occurred! Read more ›

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Valentine’s Day Cards | free valentine templates


Hello Photographers. I am excited to offer some free Valentine’s Day templates (compatible with Adobe Photoshop) for download. Just click on the menu item above that says “FREE VALENTINE CARD TEMPLATES“. You will then be guided to links for the free ones and the ones for purchase (only $5). This is a great marketing tool for your business! Just another great way to show off your work outside of the Christmas holiday. Hope you enjoy them! Read more ›

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before 4 | carmel indiana family photographer


Here’s a family that just keeps on growing. I’ve been privileged to photograph them since the birth of their first son.  At this session, they were preggo with baby #4. That makes FOUR kids under the age of four!! Can you imagine! But honestly, their sessions are not chaotic. Amy seems to have such a sweet and calm spirit that keeps them all under control. It also helps that Chris is a hands on fun loving dad! Read more ›

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meant to be a mommy | noblesville indiana newborn photographer


Finally, I am posting this stinkin’ cute newborn session. I think Hudson is probably walking by now! But seriously, I loved this session. Shala was a full time nanny for several years before becoming a mother. She had so much experience with babies, toddlers and multiples under her sleeve.  I can’t even imagine how much more comfortable she felt holding her baby than I did as a first time mother.

Read more ›

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it’s not just Sam anymore! | sheridan indiana family photography


If you’ve been a reader of my blog for very long surely you remember Sam. I’ve taken his photos 11 times I believe in three short years (here are a few at different ages: 3, 2, 1, a day in the life of Sam and all you need is love). Today seemed fitting to debut this gallery (from September) because he JUST became a big brother …. like an hour or two ago! I am so excited to see him with his baby sister, Grace. I can’t wait to hold her and I also can’t wait to see how much Sam falls in love with her. This family will forever be changed and it’s a beautiful thing.

So, here you go. The last of Sam getting all my full attention on a session. I’m pretty sure this was his “best” session! He couldn’t have been happier but can you blame him? Read more ›

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favorite image of the year | inspire me baby submission


If I had to pick a favorite photo from 2011, it would be this one. It may look simple to you, but to me and to my client this was SO documentary. Shala is a HUGE dog lover. She has two St. Bernards which truly were her only babies for many years. They are the type of doggies that are like family members…. you know what I’m talking about. They are very much “indoor” dogs. Shala has a blog and it’s titled “I kiss my Dogs on the Lips”. Ok, I think that drives the point of her love for her dogs. So, when baby Hudson was born it was pretty traumatic on them to have to go outdoors a bit more than usual. Capturing this shot at the family room window was like hearing the dog speak these words:  “Mom, why won’t you let me in? And why are you holding that dang baby so long!?” Read more ›

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time to celebrate a new year! | carmel indiana photographer

Indianapolis Family Photography - Jen Sherrick Photography

In lieu of celebrating the end of another year and the beginning of a NEW one, this session seemed appropriate to show off. This family is all over my website and blog because they were one of my very first “clients” :-) I remember photographing the twins in my basement studio when they were just two years old. They were also the lucky ones (along with my own kids) that allowed me to practice my camera in manual mode! Those were the good ol’ days!

Because of so many spontaneous and planned photo sessions over the years, it’s no wonder Ali (mom) is ready to have some fun shots on the walls and for the scrapbook. She’s got PLENTY of photos of her family doing “normal” stuff. So, this time we went CRAZY. It’s quite an understatement to say the kids were thrilled for this session. They knew gumballs, mustaches, soda pop, silly string and confetti were among the props. Read more ›

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10 Tips for a Successful Family Photo Session: Part Two | indianapolis photographer


My favorite sessions have become family photo sessions for many reasons. I love the interaction, the fun, the creativity and the authenticity that take place when all the stars align! But to get the stars to align some things have to take place. You’ve gotta show up with the right attitude and preparations, just like I do as your photographer. I hope you will find these tips helpful and easily attainable. Don’t forget to read “Part One” of my 10 Tips for a Successful Family Photo Session if you haven’t already.
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10 Tips for a Successful Family Photo Session: Part One | indianapolis photographer


After doing some reflection (and having eight years of family photography behind me) I’m starting to find a trend for my most successful sessions.  I call them “successful” because they play out my artistic vision….. to photograph families with true personality that will not only be FUN to look at but also reflect individuality. I wish every parent could feel comfortable without any inhibitions in front of the camera. I wish every kid could have fun while being themselves. But having said that, I have been on the other side of the camera with four crazy kids running circles around me. I know what it’s like to “want” the perfectly happy session without anyone having a “meltdown”.
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