Meet Jen Sherrick Photography : Baby and Children's Photography

Frequently Asked Questions

We are expecting and want to capture Mom's pregnancy. When is the best time to do this?

I have found that maternity sessions scheduled between 32-36 weeks produce the best results.

What is the best age for newborn photos?

Newborns photograph best within the first 2 weeks of age.

When should we contact you to schedule our session?

I recommend you contact me before the baby is born with your due date. This way, I can leave room in my schedule for a newborn session. Then, once the baby is born I recommend you contact me again from the hospital so we can confirm your session date. If you are being induced or have a C-section date, please contact me so we can confirm your newborn session in advance.

Can we get some photos of our family during this session?

Absolutely! Having a new baby in the home is an important part of every family member's life. My favorite images are always the interactions of family members loving their new baby!

What time of day is best to schedule our session and how long does the session last?

If shooting indoors, light is best if scheduled before 3:00 PM. If shooting outdoors, the best light is the early morning or sunset. Overcast days allow us to shoot at anytime of the day. With this being said, it's still best to schedule the session around your family's happiest time of day. I will use shade if we need to accommodate. Typically, the session lasts anywhere from 2-3 hours because we break often for feedings, changes and coaxing baby to sleep.

What do I need to have available for our session.

Although I do bring a few items (blankets etc.), I typically use items found in your home to allow the photos to take a more personal feel. If you have props you would like to include, feel free to have them handy.

It would be helpful if when I arrive you could have your baby with wearing only a diaper and blanket. Since we won't need outfit changes, this will save us having to undress baby an extra time.

What should my baby wear?

Newborns photograph best in their bare skin!